Yellow Dock Kidney Tonic 2 oz


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Yellow Dock Kidney Tonic have several organic herbs to help strengthen and tone your kidneys to keep you healthy and radiant.  With all the toxins and pollutants in the air and the food we eat, and especially in what we drink, we need help boosting our kidney’s functioning.

Uva Ursi Leaf contains powerful phytochemicals, such as volatile oils, arbutin, quercetin, and mallic and gallic acids. Arbutin supports a healthy and clean urinary tract. Quercetin protects the trillions of capillaries in the delicate kidney filtering system. Mallic and gallic acids  have long been used for kidney and bladder health. Juniper Berry, Corn Silk, Horsetail, Blue Vervain, Dandelion Leaf and Cleavers all contain phytochemicals that are diuretic to the urinary system, helping to create a clean and healthy environment within the urinary tract.

Ingredients: 1:4 Certified Organic Herbs of Yellow Dock, Uva Ursi Leaf, Nettle, Dandelion Leaf, Blue Vervain, Cleavers, Juniper Berries, Corn Silk, Horsetail,  Vegetable Glycerin, Water Directions: Take 2-3 Dropperful Twice Daily.

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