Arnica Heat Salve 2 oz (57 g)


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Arnica Heat Salve is a blend of four very powerful herbs when it comes to needing relief for sports injuiries (think winter skiing mishaps), painful joints, and inflammation after surgery.

Arnica flowers have many beneficial qualities that help dissolve bruises, quickly relieves pain of sprains and strains of muscles and joints as well as those of little pinched fingers and acts as an anti-inflammatory so the injury can heal faster.

St John’s Wort Flowers and leaf have great value to calm the nerves and relieve inflammation in cases of neuralgia and sciatica as well as injuries and bruising.

Cayenne Peppers and Ginger provides additional boost to make it a powerhouse salve.

When combined (with the addition of essential oils), these herbs make a great salve to massage into bruises, aches, and sore spots.

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