Wild Cherry Cough Syrup 6 oz (177 ml)


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Wild Cherry Cough Syrup is a well-known herbal medicinal for coughs and congestion.  Wild Cherry Bark and Slippery Elm soothe the throat and help clear congestion in the lungs that cause those irritating coughs.

Cherry bark syrup and teas should be used only for short-term treatment (10-14 days) as it contains hydrocyanic acid, which can be toxic if taken in excess. This substance is also what helps wild cherry bark work; as it is metabolized it is excreted rapidly by the lungs, where at first it increases respiration and then quiets and calms the nerves that stimulate coughing.

Another chemical in wild cherry bark is prunasin, which is known to cause birth defects. For that reason, it’s best to stay away from wild cherry bark tea when pregnant or breastfeeding.

Ingredients: 1:1 Certified Organic Herbs of Wild Cherry Bark, Slippery Elm Bark, Bayberry Root, Essential Oil of Peppermint, Vegetable Glycerin, Water.

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