BioFilm #1 Essential Oil Blend



BioFilm #1 Essential Oil Blend has four powerful essential oils helps to degrade biofilms therefore weakening bacteria, viruses and fungi, interfere with communication between microbes and act as antimicrobials themselves*.  This blend contains:  Wild oregano essential oil, clove bud essential oil, Rosemary Cineole type Essential oil, and black pepper essential oil.  

Adults: Day 1: Place 1 drop on the bottom of each big toe, morning and evening. Day 2: Continue to apply one drop on the bottom of each big toe, and add 1 drop on each thumb pad morning and evening. Day 3: In addition to the big toes and thumbs, apply 1 drop on back of each ear lobe, morning and evening. If well tolerated after a few days, oils can be applied directly to areas of concern, but only externally. If a rash develops, try using a carrier oil such as coconut or olive. Mix the Bilfilm oils with the carrier oil, then apply. If using both Biofilm #1 and Biofilm #2 at the same time, alternate Biofilm #1 on one side of the body and Biofilm #2 on the other as directed above. Children under 12: 1 drop onto the sole of one foot, once daily for the first 3 days, and if tolerated, increase to one drop on the bottom of both feet twice daily. If using both oils, put one drop of Biofilm #1 on sole of right foot, and one drop of Biofilm #2 on sole of left foot once a day. If tolerated, increase to twice daily, alternating feet each time.

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